Welcome to La Closerie de la Hérissière

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The love of an architect

La Closerie de la Hérissière, it is the meeting between an architect impassioned by the beautiful stone-built houses, a hamlet of Haut-Anjou Segréen (Anjou Bleu) and our certainty that anyone can carry out his dreams...

The pleasure of hospitality

At La Closerie de la Hérissière, we like the beautiful meetings, simple and sincere hospitality, the joy in life...

We will give you a taste of "douceur angevine", of this place perched in full nature vis-a-vis the village.

The harmony and aesthetics

The decoration of these places is an impassioned research.

We are in permanent search of the beautiful object, of the simple emotion, the detail which cherishes the sight, in order to give it back to you...

The respect of the environment

La Closerie de la Hérissière does everything it can to offer you comfort and disorientation, while reducing our ecological print.

We chose a heating with renewable energy (shredded wood), without polluting rejections or greenhouse effect, and cheaper. Its powerful output makes it possible to heat the floors, the radiators and the hot water of the whole hamlet.

At La Closerie de la Hérissière, our greatest pleasure is to make you happy...

Soizic & Arnaud